We’ve Been Slapped!


Slapped Cheek…….. ever heard of it?  I hadn’t.  It is also called Fifth Disease.  Ben has it…… it’s not serious but it has stopped us from visiting anyone with small children or babies :(.  We had planned to visit cousins and attend a 3rd birthday party this weekend – BUMMER!

About a fortnight ago Ben had  a high temperature for one night.  That was it …. nothing else.  About fourteen days later a rash started on his arms and legs.  I took him to the doctor and they said it was just a topical rash.  His probably allergic to something.  But the rash became much worse and we couldn’t work out what he was allergic to.  I took him back to our family doctor this time and she diagnosed him with Slapped Cheek.  She also said that now the rash is out he probably isn’t contagious but he  shouldn’t be playing  with any small children just in case.  Oh yeah and adults can get it too!  It is a virus and is spread by coughing or sneezing.  The rash is not itchy but gets hot and spreads when Ben runs around or is outside.  So for the next little while we are indoors with the air conditioning on.  The treatment is to stay cool and take an antihistamine.  It looks worse than it actually is. He is happy and still his mischievous little self!

Andrew had a high temperature during the night last week.  We are just waiting for the rash.  He is on holidays in a week.  For sure that will be when the rash appears!!  Oh  my boys!!!

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  1. Cooper had it last month, I’d never heard of it either. It was a very long week, millie also ended up with it but had a milder case, so no kindy, play group, visitors or shopping 🙁
    Hope u get better quickly Ben, good luck B!

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