Twelve Christmas Favourites #1

For the next twelve days  I will share one of my very favourite things about Christmas. I will also have my usual posts….. if something comes up xo.

#1  Christmas FavouriteChristmas Decorations

I love Christmas decorations.  I always have.  Some of my favourite childhood memories are of decorating the Christmas Tree.  I remember everyone in my  family had special decorations.  This is something I have continued with Andrew and Ben.   Even as an adult I still get excited about putting up the tree. I have difficulty waiting until the first of December.  Most years I just can’t wait.  This year Ben was excited to decorate the tree and Andrew ……. well not so much!   Here are some of my favourite decorations.  They are favourites because I made them, they have been given to me by someone special or they  have a memory attached to them.

Picnik collage

Happy Christmas xo

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  1. Lovely as always , I look forward to checking in each day .. I see the kindy bauble made it to one of your favs .. Hehe

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