Bits and Pieces

Kindy –    Kindy is over 🙁 for the year.  Last Tuesday was officially Ben’s last day.  During the last few weeks Ben received lots of candy canes, Christmas cards and little trinkets from his classmates.    It was so lovely to watch his excitement when receiving these little gifts.  Ben gave his classmates each a novelty pencil.   We wrapped each one…… well I did!  I do love wrapping presents but after twenty-two … maybe not so much.

Picnik collage

It is lovely to have Ben home with me……. but would it make me a bad Mum to say I miss Kindy a little already?


Car Airconditioning –   Our car’s airconditioning stopped working over two and a half weeks ago!  Oh I know it is not the end of the world but I love my aircon!  No seriously I love it!!!   Between the heat, hot flushes and Ben holding his ears (from the noise of the windows being open) it has not been a pleasant experience.  Tomorrow it will finally be fixed….. YAY!  I have learnt one very important lesson from this – Don’t take your car to the nice friendly old guy at the local Auto Electrical Shop…….. take it directly to the Dealer.  They can probably do the job in a couple of hours not two and a half weeks!!!  My patience has been tested!!


Water Play –   Ben has been spending his days doing this.




We made our own boats……


I can’t seem to keep any clothes on him when there is water around.  He doesn’t even keep his togs on while playing with this.  I’ve given up….. his four…….let him be a rudie nudie!


I HEART These Kids!


I seriously do love these kids.  Charlotte, Finlay and Ryan (not in photo) are so lovely.  Ben has grown up with them and he is always SUPER excited to see them.  They spent Friday afternoon and evening with us.  They raced each other up and down the driveway, played  Hide and Seek forever, watched Cars 2 and shared pizza.  Ben refers to them as his cousins but they are our wonderful old neighbours that have become wonderful friends.  Their Mum and Dad are pretty fabulous too! They are true friends – the ones that can knock on the door and find you in your pj’s but you don’t rush to get dressed you put the kettle on!


Cracking the Whip –    Andrew and Ben were up to old tricks again last night.  After Ben had had dinner and a bath I find them doing this.  The whip was out, the horse dusted off and there was some serious cracking going on.  I tell you they crack me up!!!  Ride like the wind Bulls Eye!!…….. seriously hilarious!  I wonder if Andrew’s arm is hurting again?


I love these two xo

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