Gentle Encouragement

Ben loves Star Wars, Lego, Star Wars, Lego and more Star Wars and Lego!!  At Pre-Prep and at home Ben will choose to play on the fort over  anything some what crafty every time.   I took Ben shopping yesterday.  We went to the stationary department and I told him he could have whatever he wanted.  He looked at me puzzled and informed me that there is no Lego here!  I am trying to encourage Ben to experiment with pens and paper.  He did enjoy picking things out.

(Note:  It’s not like we don’t already have a ton of this at home.  I’m an early childhood teacher!!  I wanted Ben to have his own special things)


We put them to good use that afternoon by making Grandad a birthday card.  Ben was keen to help ………YAY my plan is working.



I’m so proud.    He even gave Grandad a moustache !

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Random Happenings….


Breakfast Excitement – Do you know how I started my day this morning?  My pyjama sleeve caught on fire!!!  Nothing like a bit of terror to start the day!!!!!  I don’t know what I was thinking  – my pyjama sleeve dangling over the gas hot plate when I was cooking Ben some pancakes for breakfast.  And how do you think I put it out?  My cook top is not even a step away from the sink……. but no I didn’t use the sink.  I patted it out with my other hand. What an IDIOT!!  Mental Note:  Make sure I am fully awake when cooking breakfast!!!


School Enrollment – Andrew and I finally decided on a school for Ben.  I don’t know if it is a difficult decision for all parents but I have been making myself sick over it.  Yesterday I finalised it all and found myself trembling.  I really hope that I have made the best decision for my son.  We have gone with the local Anglican College.  I am feeling very anxious!


What??? – Yesterday I popped into the pet shop to pick up some supplies for Bonnie.  I was chatting away to the owner  and I did not hear what he said to me.  Instead of saying ‘pardon’ I said ‘what?!!’.  I didn’t realise what I did at first.  Then I stopped talking and asked if I just said ‘What’.  The owner laughed and laughed as he saw how embarrassed I was.  Wow…… you know I don’t think i even said ‘What’.  I think it was more like ‘WHA?’.  Mortified…. another Mental Note: Find my Manners!!


Blog Excitement – Yesterday was a big day for our little blog.  I had linked up with Heather from Life Made Lovely Monday.  I am very excited to say that I got nearly 200 visits, mostly on the Princess Leia cupcake.   The cupcake even got re-posted by Meaghan to Craft Gossip – Edible Crafts. I rang Andrew at work and said ‘I have fourteen comments on the Princess Leia cupcake.  It’s gone viral!’.  I may have been delirious at the time lol!!!  I am sure that today we will be back to ten visits…. most of them family xo




Loveliness – My beautiful niece Maggie made this for my for my birthday.  It arrived in the post on Monday and just took my breath away.   It is the teacher in me that gets  so excited when children begin writing.  I also just adore Maggie’s picture  – me with my vegetable patch and chickens….love it.  Maggie’s Mum Tina is pretty amazing to remember my birthday this year.  What a GEM!  So thanks to the Lattimore’s in Chinchilla  and all my family and friends for my lovely birthday well wishes xo.



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Anything you can do, I can do too!

Charlotte our neighbour came over to play with Benjamin this week. Charlotte is in Prep so has a keen interest in writing. She has a gorgeous journal that she gladly carries with her. Ben and Charlotte had been playing outside when Charlotte decided to have a rest and do some writing. Well…….Ben wasn’t to be outdone. He dragged a chair over to Charlotte and climbed up himself. He initially tried to steal Charlotte’s journal and pen so we soon got Benjamin his own. It was definitely a Kodak moment. The two sat together giggling and writing for a good thirty minutes.