Ahhh Quiet….

I was cooking dinner this week thinking how organised I was for a change when I thought Ben seemed a little bit toooo quiet.  I walked down the hall to discover Ben washing his hands.  There was water up the wall, on the floor and the addition of the toilet roll added  for lots more fun.  Ben was having the best time ever! Oh yeah, he lost his pants along the way.  They got wet so he took them off!


Anything you can do, I can do too!

Charlotte our neighbour came over to play with Benjamin this week. Charlotte is in Prep so has a keen interest in writing. She has a gorgeous journal that she gladly carries with her. Ben and Charlotte had been playing outside when Charlotte decided to have a rest and do some writing. Well…….Ben wasn’t to be outdone. He dragged a chair over to Charlotte and climbed up himself. He initially tried to steal Charlotte’s journal and pen so we soon got Benjamin his own. It was definitely a Kodak moment. The two sat together giggling and writing for a good thirty minutes.