Gentle Encouragement

Ben loves Star Wars, Lego, Star Wars, Lego and more Star Wars and Lego!!  At Pre-Prep and at home Ben will choose to play on the fort over  anything some what crafty every time.   I took Ben shopping yesterday.  We went to the stationary department and I told him he could have whatever he wanted.  He looked at me puzzled and informed me that there is no Lego here!  I am trying to encourage Ben to experiment with pens and paper.  He did enjoy picking things out.

(Note:  It’s not like we don’t already have a ton of this at home.  I’m an early childhood teacher!!  I wanted Ben to have his own special things)


We put them to good use that afternoon by making Grandad a birthday card.  Ben was keen to help ………YAY my plan is working.



I’m so proud.    He even gave Grandad a moustache !

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  1. a handmade card trumps a stourbought card any day. Good job MUM! from one e.c.e. to another. came over by way of life made lovely.

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