Mail From Maggie!!

Ben received a lovely surprise in the mail today from his cousin Maggie.  She started Prep last week and is learning all kinds of marvelous new things.  She sent Ben a sneak peak of how clever she is.  Thanks Miss Maggie…. we love them xoxo.

Maggie writing.jpg

Maggie writing 1.jpg

Maggie writing 2.jpg

Just beautiful Maggie!!

my name.jpg

3 thoughts on “Mail From Maggie!!”

  1. Moo just loves to write at the moment. Not sure where the roads come from though. Next drawings will be of fairies/princesses and ballerinas!!!

  2. How gorgeous! Thanks Aunty B, Maggie thinks she is a ‘star’! Perhaps Ben could send us a box construction of a star wars ‘Thai fighter’ or is that ‘Tie Fighter’???, I’ll ask Tom:)

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