The Christmas Kindy Concert

Ben looked a bit handsome ready for the concert tonight.  He didn’t look very ‘Christmassy’ as he didn’t want to put on the Santa hat I had for him.

17554498683.jpgWell that was until we arrived at Kindy and he saw all the kids with them on and then he couldn’t get it on fast enough.

I was so excited about the concert but was trying to calm my excited so I didn’t freak everyone out. I have been the teacher at many Christmas concerts but this was my very first as a Mum.  My heart felt so full xo.

Because Ben is a little shy at times Ben’s teacher suggested that we should sit somewhere around the middle/ back of the room.  There was concern if Ben saw us he wouldn’t want to participate in the concert. I was pretty sure this would be the case.   Well….. we should have given him more credit. He sat and sang along (well mostly as well as  playing with a couple of lego men he had in his pocket).   He did well.  I am such a proud Mummy!  The children and teachers did a lovely job!  The children sang beautifully.  My favorites and Ben’s – Six White Boomers and Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.

This was my view from the middle/back of the room…….. I was fretting I couldn’t see!


This was Ben when he spotted us…… LOVE IT!


And I just couldn’t stand it and had to get a better picture.  I went out the back door, around the side, nudged my way in to snap this.  I had a giggle at this one.  So many little personalities – So lovely!!


Ben has grown so much this year. His Teachers Mrs Symonds and Mrs Thorne are fabulous.

Love you to bits gorgeous boy!!

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Our Four Year Old

Picnik collage

1.  Ben –  “Is Heaven as far as England?  Because that is a really really long way!”

2.  I witnessed Ben’s first punch up at Kindy on my roster day this week.  He didn’t throw the first punch but he did throw the second, third and forth.  I was HORRIFIED and a little heart broken!!

3.  Ben – “Mum do you know what 4 letter X’s makes? ………. Beer!!!”.  I hope he didn’t say that in a phonics lesson.  We don’t even drink beer!

4.  Ben’s Grandma wears glasses.  She had them off and was cleaning them.   Ben – “Grandma put your glasses back on.  I can’t see you”

5.  Ben – “Mum….What sound does 5 make?

6.  Ben – “My Mum can’t make me a brother or sister.  But that is ok because Mum and Dad made me” ……. a little tear  xo

7.  I witnessed the worst tantrum I had EVER seen in the supermarket a few weeks ago.  IT WAS BEN!!  I thought we were over tantrums!

8.  Ben – “Why isn’t it December yet?  Can you make it December Mum?”

9.  Ben never wants to shower.  But if you say ‘I’ll race you there’.  He runs every time.  Will he ever realise what I am doing?

10.  Four year olds still look as lovely as new born babies when they are asleep.  Thank goodness xo

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Herb Garden

I’ve run out of room in the vegetable garden.  It is full…… over full really.  We will get to building another garden bed but I just could wait for that to happen before I got some herbs planted.  I just cringe every time I buy a bunch of herbs at the supermarket.  Not only do I think they are ridiculously expensive but they are never as fresh as I would hope.

Ben and I were watching Play School on ABC 4 Kids a couple of weeks ago and I saw the solution.  The wonderful Alex helped me out (have a bit of a crush….. hilarious!!).  I also thought it would be a bit of fun to get Ben involved as well.   As it happened it ended up to be a whole family affair with Andrew and Ben helping me out.

So we began to make our Colander Face Pot Plants (click on link for instructions or it is pretty easy to follow from our pictures.

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Ben’s is a scarey face in case you didn’t know that!

I had grown basil and thyme from heirloom seeds.  We purchased rosemary and mint to plant as well.  I realise that they will soon out grow their colander pots but by then I will have another garden (please xo).

Picnik collage


We added them to the corners of our garden.  Ben had the job of watering them.  It started like this……


But ended like this…….

Picnik collage

Some serious FUN!

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Our Little Super Hero

Picnik collage

My heart melts when I see this picture.  Oh how he is growing up.  I remember before I was a Mum I always thought these costumes were so tacky.  But now…. I love them.  I love  how our little man lights up when he is in it.  I just love it.

We seem to have super heroes all day long at the moment.  They even join us for dinner .  Ben was really enjoying his dinner tonight – making lots of yummmmms and mmmmmm.  Then he pipes up and says ” Mum there is party in my belly.  Can you hear the music?”  Then he began to sing “Nananananananana Batman”.  My heart melts again….. I’m such a softy!

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