Our Four Year Old

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1.  Ben –  “Is Heaven as far as England?  Because that is a really really long way!”

2.  I witnessed Ben’s first punch up at Kindy on my roster day this week.  He didn’t throw the first punch but he did throw the second, third and forth.  I was HORRIFIED and a little heart broken!!

3.  Ben – “Mum do you know what 4 letter X’s makes? ………. Beer!!!”.  I hope he didn’t say that in a phonics lesson.  We don’t even drink beer!

4.  Ben’s Grandma wears glasses.  She had them off and was cleaning them.   Ben – “Grandma put your glasses back on.  I can’t see you”

5.  Ben – “Mum….What sound does 5 make?

6.  Ben – “My Mum can’t make me a brother or sister.  But that is ok because Mum and Dad made me” ……. a little tear  xo

7.  I witnessed the worst tantrum I had EVER seen in the supermarket a few weeks ago.  IT WAS BEN!!  I thought we were over tantrums!

8.  Ben – “Why isn’t it December yet?  Can you make it December Mum?”

9.  Ben never wants to shower.  But if you say ‘I’ll race you there’.  He runs every time.  Will he ever realise what I am doing?

10.  Four year olds still look as lovely as new born babies when they are asleep.  Thank goodness xo

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3 thoughts on “Our Four Year Old”

  1. So lovely. Full of gorgeousness!! Number 6 affected me the most and my heart went straight out to you guys. Big hugs to the Ipswich Latteroonies :)x

  2. I love comments 1-6! On Thursday a little boy said to me, “I don’t want you to go home.” in a sad voice. That made my day lol.

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