Ben Goes Shopping!!!

Andrew, Ben and I popped into Coles to grab some last minute groceries for our holiday.  Andrew convinced me that Ben would be fine walking and he didn’t need to be in a trolley.  Ben enjoyed holding the basket and walking with us.   He was greeted by smiles from other shoppers.   But……… the basket got heavy and Ben could no longer carry it.  It took a whole five seconds of not holding the basket and Ben was off.  Andrew chased Ben and I continued the shopping.  I moved through a few aisles when I came across Ben.  He was having a great time leaning in the milk fridge licking the tops of the milk bottles.  Why….. who knows!!   Andrew was nowhere to be seen.  I picked up Ben and quickly moved away from the milk hoping no one saw.  Finally Andrew comes down the aisle a little short of breath.  MMmmmmm I think I will be using the trolley for a little while longer or taking two baskets one for me and one for Ben!

23082009_001.jpg 23082009_002.jpg

Socks for your Hands!

19082009_002.jpgBen was in the trolley while I was  shopping.  On this occasion he took off his shoes.  He proceeded to put his socks on his hands and pretend his was a motorbike rider.  I had an elderly lady ask me what he was doing and if the socks were puppets.  I informed her that no they were not puppets but motorbike gloves.  She thought this was quite funny.  That night Ben once again put on his sock (on his hands) and rode his trike around the house.  Andrew thought he would give Ben’s bike ago.  Like Father, Like Son – it kept me amused!!



Racing with Charlotte

DSC_0325.JPGOnce again I have to thank our wonderful neighbours the Durrington Family.  Charlotte comes to play with Ben at least a couple of times a week and I enjoy having a cuppa with Di and Dave.  It makes for a relaxed afternoon.   Ryan and Finlay will come over for a  chat but playing with a two year old…… nah that’s not cool.  We now have a hole in the fence so it is easy to move between the houses.

Here are some pics from a couple of weeks ago when Ben and Charlotte played racing cars.  This car is fabulous.  It was bought for Tom’s first birthday.  Tom turns seven this year!  Ben loves it and plays in it most days.   Ben is having the time of his life….. just look at the face.   I’m sure Charlotte is having a pretty great time as well. Oh and you gotta love the helmet!!   If only their excitement could be bottled!!!

DSC_0326.JPG DSC_0373.JPG