Our First Harvest of the Season

Picnik collage garden

We are a little excited around here.  We finally picked our first tomato…..YAY!!  We get a lot of birds and they have been enjoying our vegie patch more than us lately.  We have Australian King Parrots that have been particularly fond of our tomatoes!! It’s hard to get cranky as they are an amazingly beautiful bird.  But now that our plants are covered in tomatoes there is enough for everyone.  We don’t mind sharing xo


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Oh Dear….. and YAY!!!

GardenOH DEAR….. our little vegetable patch has seen better days.  Something is eating our radishes.  Our zucchinis and pumpkin have a ‘damp fungus’ and our beans look very sick.  I clipped leaves off all of these plants and headed to our local nursary for a little help.  Luckily nothing is very serious and all can be fixed with a little love and care.  So with a few sprays and powders  (natural of course) things should be back on track.

On a more exciting note ….. when I was watering the garden this evening I noticed WE HAVE TOMATOES……YAY!!!  Ben wanted to pick them then and there.  I think I convinced him that we need to wait until they change colour to red.  I hope it happens quickly as he is busting and so am I.  Home grown tomato on toast……  memories from my childhood xoxo.

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