Oh Dear….. and YAY!!!

GardenOH DEAR….. our little vegetable patch has seen better days.  Something is eating our radishes.  Our zucchinis and pumpkin have a ‘damp fungus’ and our beans look very sick.  I clipped leaves off all of these plants and headed to our local nursary for a little help.  Luckily nothing is very serious and all can be fixed with a little love and care.  So with a few sprays and powders  (natural of course) things should be back on track.

On a more exciting note ….. when I was watering the garden this evening I noticed WE HAVE TOMATOES……YAY!!!  Ben wanted to pick them then and there.  I think I convinced him that we need to wait until they change colour to red.  I hope it happens quickly as he is busting and so am I.  Home grown tomato on toast……  memories from my childhood xoxo.

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