Cowboy… good or bad?

I have always had a no toy gun policy!  Well……. kids don’t need toys to make a gun. Their finger become a gun, they pick up  a stick or pen or anything and it becomes a gun.   I have toyed with the idea of allowing Ben to have a toy gun for months.  He has asked for a ‘star wars blaster’ or a ‘cowboy blaster’ a number of times.    I had one, my brother had one and it didn’t seem to harm us.  I have fond memories playing cowboys with my brother in our backyard.  We had a metal cowboy pistol in a leather holster.

I have watched Ben with his toys.  He has favorites for a period of time and then he moves on to new favorites.  So I  came to the conclusion today that he can have a toy gun.  My thinking is that it will be a favorite for a time and then be replaced by something else.    Ben got his cowboy pack today.  We were in the $2.00 shop and there it was in front of him – A cowboy gun, spurs, holster, belt and badge – all for the fabulous price of $2.00.  He LOVES it. Here he is at Gamma’s house modelling his new look!

Picnik collage cowboy

Fingers crossed my theory is correct…. if all else fails it cost $2.00 it has to break soon!!

Did you have a toy gun?

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3 thoughts on “Cowboy… good or bad?”

  1. Heck Yeah! With four boys do you think mum had a chance of keeping guns away from us! cap guns, spud guns, toy rifles, rubberband guns of various sorts- None of us have tried to take down the president yet~can’t have hurt tooo much!

  2. I think I remember something about a tennis ball cannon years (and years) ago, and you all turned out OK (mostly). We hope he does not go that far!!!!!

  3. Yep Dallas and I had capguns too and played cowboys and indians together (whenever he let me that is – you know ‘girl germs’ and all that). Having said that our kids won’t be getting guns but I think every parent is entitled to their own decisons on this one as we all know what is best for our own kids 🙂

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