Ben has been moving for some time now. Not so much in the conventional way but walking holding onto everything. He will even walk holding onto strangers legs if it means he can get to where he wants to go. But today…….. It’s nothing short of a miracle. Benjamin decided to make a stand at Kindermusik this morning! He is particularly found of the song – You walk and you walk and you walk and you STOP….march, run etc. Because Ben has been a little reluctant to take his first steps alone I have been holding him when we sing this song and we walk, march and run together. But today……. He found his feet. He stood alone but still insisted in holding just the very tip of my finger when we moved to the song. He squealed with delight, clapping his hands and shouting ‘YAY, YAY, YAY!!!’ I think his teacher Sharon was actually in shock. I wish the world could have seen the delight on his face. Good Job Benjamin!

Gotta Love the Remote!

Ben’s fascination with buttons has lead to a love of all remote controls. He loves nothing more than sitting in Mum’s seat on the lounge and pressing the buttons on the remote. He now calls out ‘MUM’ if he changes the picture. When you attempt to get the remote off him he tries a quick dash away laughing. HOW CHEEKY!!!

What I can say.

Just thought I would make a note of what Ben can say at nearly 16 months:

Bruuummm – for anything with wheels
Boat – in the bath when playing with his bath toys
Hooray – thanks to ‘If you’re happy and you know it’
Woof woof – for most animals
Mieow- for a cat
Baa – when corrected
Moo – when corrected
Ta Da – when he is playing peek-a-boo
Ta ta – when saying goodbye
Dad – when talking to Dad
Mum – when talking to Mum

My little red Wagon!

This morning Ben was playing after breakfast as normal when he began to become frustrated with his little wagon. He was trying to sit in it. This was a difficult task as it is small and Ben is not walking yet. So with a little help he hopped in. Well no guesses what he wanted then. I think he thinks it’s like Ollie’s big wagon. But none the less it still worked and Ben was able to have his wagon rides up and down the hall (all the while saying ‘bruuuum, bruuuum). We may have to invest in a bigger wagon. By the way Ben is in his PJ’s with a hoodie. It’s a pretty tragic outfit otherwise!