IMG_0658.JPGOver the last month Benjamin’s play has changed.  He has gone from manipulating objects  and role playing to  the wonderful world of imaginative play.  It is so much fun.  He pretends to drive me to the shop and makes up wonderful stories about what he is going to buy.   He carries around the pancake shake mix and pretends it is a CD player, presses buttons and begins to sing and dance.  Yesterday he took all the threading laces, a colander and tongs and made spaghetti or hisghetti as he calls it.   Anyone who comes to the house gets dragged off to have hisghetti.  I look forward to the wonderful adventures that await!!


One thought on “Hisghetti!!”

  1. David and I both played Hisgetti today and it was great. I wonder where he gets his ideas from. I liked the ice cream I had after the hisgetti (cotton balls)too.

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