How To Catch A Chicken….not!

Our four little hens needed to be put in the chook house early as we were  heading to the coast for the evening.   Mum and I sent Dad and Andrew to do the job.  It took a little longer than expected.   It was quite amusing.  I am not sure how two tiny Silkies can cause so much running around, arm flapping and puffing.  Andrew and Dad would corner the hens,  go to pick them up and they would just fly in their faces.  It was really hard not to laugh! Once the job was done Dad and Andrew looked a little worse for wear – red faced and covered in sweat.  It was a great giggle! Thanks xo


Santa…friend or foe?

Why do parents insist on the annual Santa photo?  Why can’t we just leave it be when your toddlers clings to you for dear life when you try and put them on Santa’s lap?  We had a few goes this year.  Thanks to Joseph, Daddy and Grandma it didnt end in tears….. just slight terror!

First attempt was with his little friend Joseph.  Joseph went first to show Ben how it was done… but he was still not that keen.


Second attempt with Daddy.  He looked ok….. but lucky we kept the glasses on you can’t see the fear in his eyes.


Third and final attempt was with Grandma.  Ben started to warm up a little… maybe we should have gone for a forth attempt?

Ben and Grandma Karen visit Santa

What did melt my heart though was every time we went to see Santa he asked Ben what he wanted for Christmas.  Ben would respond ‘Just a present’.  I had a tear every time!

Becoming a Big Boy – my new bed!

26052009_001.jpg 26052009.jpgBen has made the transition out of his cot and into a bed.  We decided on a toddler bed for Ben (we got caught up on how cute they are …….. a single bed would have been fine).  We thought we would get Ben involved in taking his cot down and putting up his bed which of course he loved.  I am sure Andrew could have completed the task in half the time if Ben hadn’t kept stealing the tools.


Being a little bit of a worrier (ha ha hhhhhaaa), I was concerned about how Ben would go.  You hear the horror stories of children jumping out of bed for hours!  Well Ben loved it.  He couldn’t go to sleep on it fast enough.  For at least a week anyone who came to the house got pulled into the room by Ben to see the bed.  He loved it!!!


I was so impressed with how easy it was for Ben to make the transition.  I was so impressed that we had no jumping out of bed…….. well not at first.  Once again I should have known not to be over confident.  It took about a month but the games began.  The games had to begin on the night Andrew’s parent came to stay.  I was mortified.  He jumped up for two hours.  We tried everything!  But eventually Ben was exhausted and fell asleep.  It was ugly and ended in tears…. my tears.   Thank goodness this game was short lived and passed  quickly.   Toddlers….. you have to love the unexpected!