Santa…friend or foe?

Why do parents insist on the annual Santa photo?  Why can’t we just leave it be when your toddlers clings to you for dear life when you try and put them on Santa’s lap?  We had a few goes this year.  Thanks to Joseph, Daddy and Grandma it didnt end in tears….. just slight terror!

First attempt was with his little friend Joseph.  Joseph went first to show Ben how it was done… but he was still not that keen.


Second attempt with Daddy.  He looked ok….. but lucky we kept the glasses on you can’t see the fear in his eyes.


Third and final attempt was with Grandma.  Ben started to warm up a little… maybe we should have gone for a forth attempt?

Ben and Grandma Karen visit Santa

What did melt my heart though was every time we went to see Santa he asked Ben what he wanted for Christmas.  Ben would respond ‘Just a present’.  I had a tear every time!


IMG_1261.JPG We recently spruced up the house and yard a little before we put it on the market.  We are very lucky that it sold before we had to do any advertising but none the less it looked lovely all tidyed and polished.  I will post again when everything goes unconditional (bit nervous about the whole process).  Of course Ben had to assist with the process.  Here he is helping Dad in the garden and mum with the interior photos… got to love him!


Construction Site – Ipswich Children’s Gallery

12122009_012.jpgThe Ipswich Art Gallery’s current children’s exhibition comes straight from Ben’s dreams.  It is all about construction, hard hats and remote controls!  You can design and build your dream cubby,   dress up in construction worker safety clothes and drive the radio-controlled construction machinery. I don’t know who enjoys it more…. Ben or Daddy!   The Ipswich Art Gallery are continually offering exhibitions and programs  that are designed to reflect children’s interests and provide opportunities for children to make their own art works, discover new ideas, interact with their families and play.  I am continually overwhelmed by the Gallery’s generosity.  It really is an exceptional experience for young children.

12122009_002.jpg 12122009_004.jpg

Cool Tricks….Cool Tricks

IMG_5577.JPGWe can blame this one on YO GABBA GABBA (a particularly strange children’s television program on ABC Kids).  Ben had been eating his breakfast and began to play with his spoon – breathing on it and placing it on his nose.  I asked him what he was trying to do and his response was ‘Cool tricks, cool tricks….’  He had just watched someone do the same trick on Yo Gabba Gabba.  He thought he was so clever, especially when I tried and I couldn’t do it!!

Solo Journey

IMG_1072.JPGWhile on holiday Ben had a little adventure that he seemed to enjoy but sent his mother and father into a slight state of panic.  I was on the mobile and Ben and Andrew were choosing a bicycle to go for a morning ride.  The bikes were parked next to the resort lift.  Ben being fascinated with all things that have buttons decided to press the lift button, jump in the lift and shut the door.  Andrew began laughing which caught my attention and I turned and scanned for Ben.  I didn’t need any explanation!  I ran down and Andrew ran up. I found our little man in the basement pressing the lift buttons calling for his MMUUUUMMM!  I scooped him up and gave him a hug.  LITTLE RASCAL!!