A Slice of RAINBOW xo

Picnik collage cake 1

I just love this cake!!  The first time I saw it was here, then here and then here.  I just knew I had to make this rainbow for Ben and his 4th birthday was the perfect time.  It was very easy and the instructions are here – thanks so much!  Also thanks to Aunty Andrea for her help to put it together.  It was so exciting to cut into it….. the oooohhh’s and aahhhhh’s gave me goose-bumps!!

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Screen shot 2011-03-12 at 3.13.38 PM.png

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9 thoughts on “A Slice of RAINBOW xo”

  1. It certainly was AWESOME! You could definitely taste the kilo of icing sugar – YUM! 🙂

  2. So cool..how do you stack it so perfectly? My cakes always fall over or go weird if I try more than 2 layers..love the colors!!


  3. I am in love with these rainbow cakes. Yours is incredible! I too, am curious if you put a dowel in to keep them straight? That is a tall cake!!

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