Join me for a Cuppa….



Join me for a coffee–go boil that kettle and make

yourself comfortable.

It’s cloudy, cold and raining here….

it has been like this since

Saturday morning.

So it is another lazy day at home!!

If you were really joining me for a coffee I am just busting to share some veggie patch news.  Take a look……


I’m so excited  – our first tomato nearly ready to pick….YAY!!

I’d also share that I think I have recovered from Ben’s forth birthday party.  Lots of little children inside on a rainy day….. not sure what I was thinking!!  But Ben got a lovely present from his Aunty Andrea – a globe.  This is how I found my boys the other night before Ben went to bed.  Ben was looking for ‘my Australia – cose that is where we live’.


Finally I would ask you if you had a spare weekend.  I have a fabulous room in my house that has been left as a bit of a junk room since we moved in over a year ago.  I have decided to make it my ‘Creative Space’ – my sewing room.  Here is what it looks like now…. oh dear!!


I have tables to paint, bunting to hang and material to sort…… oh and find homes for all the junk and treasures that are sitting in the room already!!  Any volunteers to help….hehehh?

Better get going and do the laundry…. but I did see this today to brighten the laundry!!  Thanks for stopping by while I had my coffee.

my name.jpg

Screen shot 2011-03-12 at 3.13.38 PM.png

Project Veggie Patch

Ok…. let me begin by saying we know very little about growing vegetables except that you plants seed/seedlings, water them and harvest home grown goodies.  It doesn’t sound complicated……. what can happen???  Andrew, Dad and Ben built our veggie patch.  We went with old railway sleepers to keep with the style of our house.


We filled the garden with premium garden mix (dirt with cow excrement!).


Then there was a big decision to make….. what do we plant.  I headed to local hardware/nursery and read nearly every seed packet looking for what is in season.  I also bought some seedlings.  This is what we decided on – tomatoes, carrots, corn, beans, radishes, zucchini, spring onions, watermelon and pumpkin.  We also were given some passion fruit plants.   Ben was also given some magic seeds from his cousin Maggie so we planted those as well.  They will be a total surprise!!  On advise from friends we planted the pumpkin and water melon in the ground not in the veggie patch and put the passion fruit next to the fence.




So we said a  little prayer and kept our fingers crossed.  And Voila…… a week later they sprouted…..YAY!!!! (Yes Ben has the same shirt on!)



This week we have been chasing away the Magpies that keep pecking at the seedlings.  Ben suggested we needed a scarecrow……what a great idea!

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