Project Veggie Patch

Ok…. let me begin by saying we know very little about growing vegetables except that you plants seed/seedlings, water them and harvest home grown goodies.  It doesn’t sound complicated……. what can happen???  Andrew, Dad and Ben built our veggie patch.  We went with old railway sleepers to keep with the style of our house.


We filled the garden with premium garden mix (dirt with cow excrement!).


Then there was a big decision to make….. what do we plant.  I headed to local hardware/nursery and read nearly every seed packet looking for what is in season.  I also bought some seedlings.  This is what we decided on – tomatoes, carrots, corn, beans, radishes, zucchini, spring onions, watermelon and pumpkin.  We also were given some passion fruit plants.   Ben was also given some magic seeds from his cousin Maggie so we planted those as well.  They will be a total surprise!!  On advise from friends we planted the pumpkin and water melon in the ground not in the veggie patch and put the passion fruit next to the fence.




So we said a  little prayer and kept our fingers crossed.  And Voila…… a week later they sprouted…..YAY!!!! (Yes Ben has the same shirt on!)



This week we have been chasing away the Magpies that keep pecking at the seedlings.  Ben suggested we needed a scarecrow……what a great idea!

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