Christmas Eve in Chinchilla

We have made the journey to Chinchilla this year for a ‘Lattimore’ Christmas. It has been so hot Ben has been struggling with the heat. Grandad made ‘swimming pool mark one’ (a plastic clam shell filled with water) for Ben to play in and it was such a hit. We didn’t bring Ben’s togs so he went in the nud!!

While in the pool Ben was distracted by the little bicycle. He would not let us put a nappy on him or any clothes……. he was having a ball!!

From Lattimore Family 2008

Jet Skiing with Uncle Phil

See that small dot..... thats me! On Sunday Andrew, Ben, Phil and myself spent the day at Somerset Dam.  Uncle Phil and Andrew took Ben had his first ride on a jetski.  He loved sitting on the Jetski and playing with the handle bars.  He wasn’t overly keen on the life jacket….. probably because it was way to big.  He will have to grow into it.  It was great to spend a day outside (and not swelter in the heat) and to catch up with Phil.  Check out Ben on the jetski!

Uncle Phil, Ben and Andrew

Getting ready to go!

Lunch with Baby Hugo!

Lunch with Hugo Recently Al, Claire and Hugo joined us for lunch at Hoggies.  It was lovely to see them as they have been a little busy with their little man. Catching up has not been as easy at it used to be.  Hugo and Ben were just delightful at lunch.  Hugo had a snooze and a cuddle, while  Ben played and ate.  I can confidently say that eating out with Ben is now more pleasurable…………. especially since the discovery of ‘the toy bag’ and  ‘ice cream’.  Our lovely neighbor Di (an experienced mumof three)  had told me it is a good idea to take a small bag of toys when dinning out.  It has been a huge success and used on a number of occasions.  And as for ICE CREAM ………. I am sure it  was invented so parents could eat their dinner!!!!!

Ben's first ice cream mmmmmmmm yummy!!


Running!Benjamin’s delayed walking has in no way impacted on his ability to RUN!  It seems that running is now Ben’s favourite movement.  He especially likes to run away when he steals decorations off the Christmas Tree.  He also likes to run with Bonnie (our dog).  Andrew lets Benjamin out of the pram when we went to  the toy shop.  Ben found a little push mower and he was off.  He was doing laps of the toy shop with Andrew and I trying to catch him.  He was having a ball!! Everyone told us to enjoy the time when he wasn’t that mobile.  Now we spend our days running after him and don’t we love it!


Andrew's sexy Mo - All for a good cause.

Andrew grew a Mo in November for Movember. Movember is fun way to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues. Andrew’s work got a group together to grow mos and raised over $600.00. Andrew looks ever so handsome with his mo……. not!!!  He has never grown a mo before and probably for good reason.  What do you think?

Boys, Bikes and Helmets!

Benjamin has always loved Andrew’s motorbike. Andrew puts him on it and he fiddles with all the buttons and leavers. He more recently has discovered the gloves and helmet. Daddy has to distract Ben most days to get them away. Ben loves nothing more than to put the gloves and helmet on. If the spare bedroom door is not closed you occasionally hear a large bang and that is Ben dropping Andrew’s helmet in his attempt to put it on!!

Ben in Daddy's helmet Early Days on Dads Bike