Mmmm Roast

I cooked my first roast chicken with gravy.  I am a little pleased with myself….. my chest is puffed out, I’m standing taller and their is a really big smile on my face.  It was a hit (even if it was slightly over cooked) – YUM!



It was mentioned at cooking class by Louise (our food trainer) that roast meat with gravy tastes so much better eaten with your fingers.  At the time I thought ‘each to their own’.  But Louise……. you are so right, it really does!!  It was seriously finger licking goodness!  Don’t judge but give it ago!!!

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Cooking with Jamie – The Finale!

Picnik collage Jamie\'s Ministry of Food Ipswich week 10

This week was our final week at the Ministry of Food – roast chicken, good gravy, easy chicken stock, and roast potatoes, parsnips & carrots.  We cooked roast vegetables, watched how to make good gravy, talked stock while  smelling the wonderful chicken roasting in the oven.   It all tasted super delicious and I already have a chicken in the fridge  to  roast this week.

We can’t thank the wonderful staff at the Ministry of Food enough (especially Louise) for their contagious enthusiasm in the kitchen.  I used to look at cooking as a chore but it’s amazing what a handful of new tasty recipes will do  to spark some excitement.  More importantly Louise has helped our little family with a ‘Wholefood’ approach to eating.

‘Wholefood  – food that is eaten as close as possible to its natural state, without unnecessary processing and refining…’ Jude Blereau

Wholefood to us is eating good fresh food (like we grew up on) and avoiding where possible highly processed and artificial foods.  We have big plans for our garden this spring!!

So thank you Louise, Danella and all the wonderful volunteers.  We will miss our cooking classes on Saturday afternoons.  Andrew and I have had a fabulous time.  We have enjoyed ourselves immensely and are truly thankful for the direction you have taken our family xo