Mmmm Roast

I cooked my first roast chicken with gravy.  I am a little pleased with myself….. my chest is puffed out, I’m standing taller and their is a really big smile on my face.  It was a hit (even if it was slightly over cooked) – YUM!



It was mentioned at cooking class by Louise (our food trainer) that roast meat with gravy tastes so much better eaten with your fingers.  At the time I thought ‘each to their own’.  But Louise……. you are so right, it really does!!  It was seriously finger licking goodness!  Don’t judge but give it ago!!!

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4 thoughts on “Mmmm Roast”

  1. It looks great. I am not to sure about the fingers but will give anything a go. Yummmmmmmm

  2. Wow Belinda! That looks fantastic. So glad we are too far up the road to be able to smell it. You may have ended up with three extras lol. That fingers thing is interesting…but I guess, children can’t be that wrong!

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