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Fresh Tomatoes!! This must make the third or forth time I have mentioned my home grown tomatoes.  But I just love them soooo much.  They remind me of when I was about four years old, on holidays at my Granny’s in Victoria.  She grew the best tomatoes.  We would cut them really thick and have them on toast.  YUM!


Rides in the Wheelbarrow! Ben sat in the wheelbarrow (blowing Dandelions ) while we weeded the lawn.


Playdates! I love watching little ones play together.  I also love the cup of coffee and catch up the grown ups have too!


Memory Notes xo All to often when life gets busy I forget the little special events that happen on a daily bias – a quick hug or a funny statement or even just a quiet moment of peace.  I saw this on Pinterest and thought we would adapt the idea for our family.  We now have a jar of Memory Notes on the shelf.  Anyone can add one (even visitors) and on New Years Eve we will open them and celebrate the memories together.

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12 thoughts on “Things I am Loving xo”

  1. uggggg that mason jar just stole my heart!!!! i love what you love!

  2. No wonder you keep mentioning those tomatoes, they look amazing. And I don’t know if it is just because I have 3 boys, but seeing little guys playing with light sabers just makes me smile!

  3. The memory notes is a great idea Belinda, fantastic. Now you’ll just have to remember and remind everyone to jot a note down when the time is right and not let it pass by so you’ve got a pile to read through at the end of the year!

  4. yummy tomatoes!!
    loving the memory note idea. wow. perfect!

    (so glad you stopped by today, happy weekend!)

  5. Great post! I love the jar. We have one too, called the ‘happy jar’. We fill it with things that make us happy & things we are grateful for & we will read through & celebrate them all together at some point down the track… 🙂

  6. I love everything on this list! Your tomatoes make my mouth water! The memory notes are so sweet! What a treasure for your family!

  7. The tomatoes look yummy! We can’t seem to keep the critters away from them ;( My kids LOVE wheelbarrow rides too!

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