Boiled, Poached, Scrambled and an Omelette

Picnik collage Ministry of food Ipswich

I am just loving this!!!  Today Andrew and I attended our first of ten cooking classes at Jamie’s Ministry of Food – Ipswich.  OH MY GOODNESS…. what great FUN!!  There was eleven lovely people in our class both local and from Brisbane.  Our teacher Louise  and the center manager Denalla are just beautiful.  This week was all about the EGG!!  It was back to the basics but still full of tips and tricks to help any level of home cook.  Andrew did an amazing  job.  He was so careful to follow instructions correctly and his results were better than mine!!!

Next week is Leek and Potato soup …..mmmmm!

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Our Lovely Ladies “2010 update”

Our lovely ladies Honda, Penny Penny, Woof and Buzz are all laying!  We have had so many eggs we have been giving them away.


I never knew that I would love our girls so much.  But they have really become family pets.  They all have their own little personalities.  Ben and I visit them  for cuddles.  Don’t worry I am well aware of  how ridiculous I sound!!

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Welcome home Honda and Penny-Penny

Since we live on a “property” now, we thought that we ought to put on some “stock”.  We now have two chickens named Honda and Penny Penny.

First we had to assemble the chook pen.  All hands on deck – thanks to Grandad George and Nanny.  We also purchased our feed and water containers.


Play pen !

Second job was site preparation.  We fenced off a corner about 20m x  10m.  Thanks to Grandad and Gamma for lending a hand.

Carefully selected site.  Chook yard still under construction.

Ready to go.

Then, we just added chickens.  Buying chickens is apparently like buying eggs, prepackaged in a convenience box.  We got our red hens from Stocks Produce, just around the corner from our place and the chook pen from Risson Produce in Ipswich.  We are also going to add four Silkies when we can find some.

This is how you buy chooks these days.  In a box from the supermarket !

Honda and Penny Penny

Honda (I think?)

Ben loves them, and just wants to help.

All done, Penny Penny is upstairs and Honda is in the basement.


Now with a little love and care we wait for the magical first egg.  Ben checks everyday. So far the reports have been “No Eggs Mum, just poo!”