Our Lovely Ladies “2010 update”

Our lovely ladies Honda, Penny Penny, Woof and Buzz are all laying!  We have had so many eggs we have been giving them away.


I never knew that I would love our girls so much.  But they have really become family pets.  They all have their own little personalities.  Ben and I visit them  for cuddles.  Don’t worry I am well aware of  how ridiculous I sound!!

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One thought on “Our Lovely Ladies “2010 update””

  1. No B not ridiculous. We had some friends over on Monday night and they have chooks. Their chooks are so in love with them, they wait on the back patio each morning doing those deep little brooding sounds. They also love it when the husband mows and run behind him up and down the yard like it is a game to them. They almost had Philba talked into getting some chooks for our backyard but not sure now is the right time for us. We will see once the bub arrives.
    I love, love the look of the new blog, gorgeous. I bet you have been getting heaps of comments about it from everyone.

    Luv Tamxo

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