“Woof, woof, woof, woof”

When Benjamin sees any animal he says “Woof, woof, woof, woof”. He has been carrying a cow around for a few days now and calling it his “Woof, woof, woof, woof”. I have been saying “No no. It’s a mooo”. He picked up his horse and of course called it a “Woof, woof, woof, woof”. I said “No no…” and before I could finish, Ben said “Mooo mooo”. We will get there!!!


On the weekend, Andrew, Ben and I made the trip out to Chinchilla to celebrate the sale of the family business – Lattimore’s Carey Ford! George and Judy have worked hard for 35 years and now deserve a wonderful retirement. All the boys, wives and children joined George and Jude for dinner on Saturday to help celebrate.

Ben had a great time catching up with his cousins – Tom and Maggie. Ben just loves playing with older kids. Ben also loved meeting the newest member of the family – Megs, the adopted long haired cat.

Oh Dear!!

On Wednesday Ben fell off the bed and broke his arm!!!!! He broke his left arm just under the shoulder so it is unable to be plastered. He was standing on the bed holding on to the bed end looking at himself in the mirror, chatting away. He stepped right off the side and hit the floor. He has a sling on his arm which is strapped to his body. He is recovering well. However I will take some time to recover!!! The staff at the Ipswich Hospital Emergency were absolutely fantastic. We didn’t have to wait more than five minutes for anything.

Buzzy Bees – Our home away from home

Ipswich has a wonderful, intimate play cafe for tots – Buzzy Bees. Ben and I have been going there one or two times a week for some time now. Ben loves it. It’s our home away from home. It has been our saviour when Ben is teething. We tend to always go for lunch. They have a wonderful toddler menu. Ben has a vegemite sandwich and a nibble platter (ham, sultanas, grapes, cheese and strawberries). We also met up with Joseph, Jayden and Oliver for a play.

The Play Cafe has excellent equipment. It is designed for tots so everything is soft. There is a climbing maze at the back with a shallow ball pit. There is fine motor equipment scattered over the centre as well as a large array of wonderful obstacles for toddlers to climb on, through and over. I still sit with Ben in the play area but it won’t be long before I can sit back and have a coffee. The cafe overlooks the play area.

The owners, Alison and David have been wonderful to us. Alison in particular has given some wonderful advice to me that has helped with Ben. The Play Cafe is definitely an asset to Ipswich.


Does he really know?

On Thursday we (Ben, Andrew and I) met Aunty Claire at Ikea for a little shopping. Aunty Claire is expecting a baby and her belly is growing rather large – it is beautiful. Ben took quite a fascination with her belly. He would rub and pat it all the while with a knowing smile on his face. Does he know his little cousin is in there or is it just something nice to play with? Anyhow we await the arrival of their little bundle with excitement. Ben can’t wait to meet his cousin.