Helping Dad….. well kinda!!!

Ben loves to play outside. He particular loves Daddy’s motorbike. He has fiddly fingers and will play with all kinds of things – rocks, tools, pegs, sticks, bolts, locks ect. This weekend while outside with Dad Ben decided it would be fun to post a peg in Daddy’s motorbike exhaust…. Oh Dear! Ben had a great time with Dad while they pulled the bike apart to get it out.

Oh Dear!!

On Wednesday Ben fell off the bed and broke his arm!!!!! He broke his left arm just under the shoulder so it is unable to be plastered. He was standing on the bed holding on to the bed end looking at himself in the mirror, chatting away. He stepped right off the side and hit the floor. He has a sling on his arm which is strapped to his body. He is recovering well. However I will take some time to recover!!! The staff at the Ipswich Hospital Emergency were absolutely fantastic. We didn’t have to wait more than five minutes for anything.