Gramma and Grandad


Mum and Dad have recently bought a house in Ipswich.  They have been living with us waiting for settlement and then while it gets painted.  Ben is just in heaven.   Two more people to play with.  He adores tickles from Grandad and loves to play in Gramma’s room.  Gramma even has Ben using cutlery himself and getting his hair dryed with the hairdryer.  Two things that seemed impossible previous to their stay.  Andrew and I are even getting used to having Mum and Dad stay……. Ben wakes Gramma in the morning and lets us sleep in – sooooooo loving that!!!



Ben’s new Playgym

Santa brought a great little climbing playgym setup for Benjamin for Christmas (Little Tikes Wave Climber).

Santa brought a great little climbing playgym setup for Benjamin for Christmas (Little Tikes Wave Climber). Ben was not sure what to do initially but after some assistance and the addition of some little matchbox cars he was set. Later on he explored underneath, climbed up the ladder and got very excited going down the slide.

Thanks Santa !

Bright and Shiny

Ipswich Art Gallery has hosted the most amazing interactive exhibition for babies and tots – Bright and Shiny.  Bright and Shiny was a hands-on art-themed play space.   It was developed with  consultation with Early Childhood professionals.  It allowed tots to explore their creative potential and the sensory world around them, as they followed their interests and set their own pace.

Ben loved it!!!!!!!! (and so did his mum)  We attended three sessions.  His mates Oliver, Joseph and Jayden also came to play.  Each time we attended Ben used the space differently.  He also revisited his favorites – the sliver piece of cloth, the books, the fireman light and the tunnel.  It was interesting to watch Ben grow in confidence in the space and manipulate items differently each week.  Each session had a focused activity as well as free exploration.  The first week we attended the story ‘I love to Sing’ by Anna Walker   (one of Ben’s favorites) was featured.  It was projected onto the wall.  Ben immediately crawled over to the wall touching the pictures.  The sessions ran for forty-five minutes but felt like five minutes.  The experience was designed for children but also for parents to enjoy their children which certainly was the case. We look forward to the next tots exhibition.  Scroll on the images for an explanation.

Buzzy Bees – Our home away from home

Ipswich has a wonderful, intimate play cafe for tots – Buzzy Bees. Ben and I have been going there one or two times a week for some time now. Ben loves it. It’s our home away from home. It has been our saviour when Ben is teething. We tend to always go for lunch. They have a wonderful toddler menu. Ben has a vegemite sandwich and a nibble platter (ham, sultanas, grapes, cheese and strawberries). We also met up with Joseph, Jayden and Oliver for a play.

The Play Cafe has excellent equipment. It is designed for tots so everything is soft. There is a climbing maze at the back with a shallow ball pit. There is fine motor equipment scattered over the centre as well as a large array of wonderful obstacles for toddlers to climb on, through and over. I still sit with Ben in the play area but it won’t be long before I can sit back and have a coffee. The cafe overlooks the play area.

The owners, Alison and David have been wonderful to us. Alison in particular has given some wonderful advice to me that has helped with Ben. The Play Cafe is definitely an asset to Ipswich.