A Little Holiday Loveliness

Our holiday was full of little lovelies.  You know the small stuff that just makes you wear a smile.  Here are a few….

1. We got to stop and put our feet up.  Just to sit……. it was nice.


2. Ben mastered riding his bike with lots of help from Daddy.  Ben loves his three wheeler pedal trike and was not keen to move onto a bigger bike.  The paths at the beach are just begging for bike riding.   I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face when I saw him go.  WAY TO GO BEN!!


3. I finally started stitching again.  I haven’t really done any since Ben was born.  I did think I would give this to a friend for her birthday.  Mmmmm it might take a little bit longer than I thought.  Might have to reconsider that idea.



4. Andrew’s brother and his lovely family came to stay for the weekend.  Ben was   excited as he loves his cousins but thinks his cousin Tom is SUPER!!  We went out to dinner one night and there was some entertainment for the kids – a balloon man.  But he was something a little special.  The kids loved it (and so did the big boys – notice the two Dads!!).

15863017737.jpg 15863073756.jpg



5. We also took a little visit to the Apple Store.  Oh how we love the Apple Store.  This lovely Mac Book Air just insisted on coming home with us!







6. The beach through the eyes of a four year old – my favorite LOVELY!


Tomorrow I will share with you  a special family visit to the beach.

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A Flight with a Difference!

For Andrew’s birthday I gave him a Tiger Moth Joy Ride voucher.  While on our holiday he took his  flight.  He did a Surfers Paradise Aerobatic Flight.  This included a thirty minute flight over  Surfers and before landing a couple of loop the loops and barrel rolls.

Picnik collage

Andrew loved it.  He is always up for a bit of adventure (I am a bit of a chicken!). Here are some very poor photos of the loop the loops.  I was day dreaming and didn’t hear the plane come back and missed my opportunity to change lenses.  This is the best I could do….. but you get the picture.

Picnik collage

His pilot was Norm Horner.  He was fabulous and delivered Andrew back to Ben and I in one piece…..thank you.  Andrew highly recommends the flight.  My Mum booked in for a flight ….. GO MUM!  You can find more info on the flights here.  Andrew also took some short videos while flying.  He will share them soon.

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Winter Magic

Ahhhh we have been away at the beach.  It was OH SO LOVELY.  Just what the doctor ordered!!  We only had a few chilly days (it is winter after all!).  But it  was so nice to shed those jumpers and enjoy the sun.   I always forget how beautiful the beach is no matter how often we visit.  Here are a few snaps of our first day.  The chilly weather did not stop Ben.




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(photos taken on iphone)

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Caught in our PJ’s!!

Ben and I were so busy playing  one morning last week that it very close to lunch time before we got out of our PJ’s!

We got caught up on the computer playing on the new Play School website.

Screen Shot 2011-07-28 at 2.00.04 PM.jpg

Oh how I love playschool.  It’s no secret I am a huge fan (There’s a bear in there, And a chair as well, and There are people with games). We did some digital pasting and went on an amazing adventure into outer space.



Ben was inspired.  He wanted to make his own rocket…..YAY!


His rocket will NEVER fall apart.  It has a roll of sticky tape holding it together!!


His just a bit proud.  And look who is off into space……


Obi Wan and his loyal followers!!!

The Mail Service Lady arrived with a parcel just before lunch and caught us in our PJ’s (and it’s not the first time….opps).

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