A Little Holiday Loveliness

Our holiday was full of little lovelies.  You know the small stuff that just makes you wear a smile.  Here are a few….

1. We got to stop and put our feet up.  Just to sit……. it was nice.


2. Ben mastered riding his bike with lots of help from Daddy.  Ben loves his three wheeler pedal trike and was not keen to move onto a bigger bike.  The paths at the beach are just begging for bike riding.   I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face when I saw him go.  WAY TO GO BEN!!


3. I finally started stitching again.  I haven’t really done any since Ben was born.  I did think I would give this to a friend for her birthday.  Mmmmm it might take a little bit longer than I thought.  Might have to reconsider that idea.



4. Andrew’s brother and his lovely family came to stay for the weekend.  Ben was   excited as he loves his cousins but thinks his cousin Tom is SUPER!!  We went out to dinner one night and there was some entertainment for the kids – a balloon man.  But he was something a little special.  The kids loved it (and so did the big boys – notice the two Dads!!).

15863017737.jpg 15863073756.jpg



5. We also took a little visit to the Apple Store.  Oh how we love the Apple Store.  This lovely Mac Book Air just insisted on coming home with us!







6. The beach through the eyes of a four year old – my favorite LOVELY!


Tomorrow I will share with you  a special family visit to the beach.

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It’s just like riding a bike!!

IMG_0711.JPGAndrew dusted off a couple of old bikes that we got off Mum and Dad …… maybe about two years ago.  Our neighbours had given us a child seat for the bikes so we could take Ben for a ride.  After some tinkering, the bikes were cleaned, tires were pumped and seat was fitted.  The helmets had seen better days as the inside padding was deteriorating but they did the job.   Once Ben clapped his eyes on the bikes and helmets there was no turning back.  He was a little excited to say the least.  Andrew was the first to take a test ride and survived.  I however was a little more reluctant as it has been maybe eighteen years and some  ??!! kilos  since I last rode a bike.  But after some fluffing about I was on, peddling and steering (a little wonky at first).  We set off to Limestone Park and had a great ride.  Our legs a little wobbly on return but we stayed on with no incidents!!  We can’t believe it took us two years to dust the bikes off.  It may just have to become a weekend ritual!