Ben’s Little Mates

Benjamin is lucky enough to have met two great little mates, Joseph and Jayden. They met at playgroup. Joseph and Jayden have recently turned one. We attended their birthday parties. Ben loved it. Joseph’s party was in the park and Jayden’s at his home. To be honest I enjoyed the parties just as much as Ben. The cake….the presents…. the games…… the people…. we love it all. Here are a few pictures of the parties. Scroll over the pictures for details.

New Favourite Books!

Ben still loves a story before bed. These are some of the recent favourites.

1. I Went Walking by Sue Machin and Julie Vivas
2. I Love to Dance by Anna Walker (A birthday present from Aunty Carly and Uncle Darrin)
3. I Love to Sing by Anna Walker
4. The Wheels on the Bus – Brimax
5. That’s not my bunny……. by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells
I Went Walking I Love to Dance I Love to Sing The Wheels on the Bus That\'s not my bunny.......