I Plan….

I plan!  I plan everything.  I am continually analyzing, worrying and planning in my head.    I like to know what is ahead of me.  I have always been like this. I am continually trying to keep to a plan.  I can  feel my body tense when my plan is delayed or adjusted.   But in light of recent events I realize that you just can’t plan  everything.  Life has a way of making you stop and reflect.  Planning has become exhausting and I beginning to think a little over rated!  So I thought I would try this……


It might take some practice but I’m ready to give it a go!!

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Linking with Life Made Lovely Monday xo


This morning I tried out my favorite bloggers Great Grandma’s Pancake recipe……… Delicious!!!!

Definitely a hit in our house!  It’s not only the recipe that makes these special but the way they are cooked.


You can draw your pancakes!!  YAY what FUN!!!

This was only my first go.  I can only get better……

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This is what I made for Andrew – A love heart stack xo.

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A face and a flower – just for fun.

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Ben and his Star Wars friends had lots of mini pancakes.

Go HERE for the recipe.    It’s makes a wonderful start to a Sunday morning.

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Thank You xo

We really felt the need to thank three lovely ladies that helped bring Bonnie home to us this week.  To often I think good deeds  get overlooked.  So we loaded up with boxes of cup cakes from our local cup cake guru and Andrew, Ben and I headed out to personally thank some special people. A box of cup cakes hardly seems enough to say thanks but it makes a super afternoon tea!

Our first stop was the local Council office.  We sadly didn’t get to meet the wonderful Nicole who took our phone calls and rung us with the wonderful news.  We are thankful to you xo.  Our next stop the lovely lady who found Bonnie whose names still escapes me.  We are thankful to you that you stopped from your busy life and did this good deed.  Finally we stopped at my Mum’s.  Mum did everything she could to find Bonnie…. so very thankful xoxo.

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I hope you all enjoyed your afternoon tea!

Thanks also to everyone who text messages of support,  left messages on Facebook and especially those who kept an eye out for our Bonnie.


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Salt Beach with Family

Salt beach at Kingscliff is one of my very favorite places.  It has something magical about it.  While on our recent holiday we were joined on Saturday morning by two of Andrew’s brothers and their beautiful families.  We had the most lovely morning (especially for a winter morning) at the beach ……… I wished it didn’t have to end.


Andrew’s youngest brother Alistair and Hugo.


Alistair, Hugo, Evie and Al’s wife Claire.  Notice the kids have ditched their pants!


Look here  –  Evie’s first steps on the beach!!


This is Cameron and his wife Tina. Cameron is also Andrew’s younger brother but they are the closest in age.  They got up to all kinds of mischief as kids!


Tom  and Cameron.  Go TOM!!


Cameron and Tom (after Cameron dried off hehehh).


Cam and Tina’s daughter Maggie having a wonderful wonderful time!!


The three big cousins having a paddle.  I have no idea what I did when I took this photo ….. but I love it!


My beautiful boys Andrew and Ben…… love them to bits xo

We missed Andrew’s eldest brother Phil, his wife Tam and their baby girl Grace.  It won’t be long before Grace is running on the beach with all her cousins!!

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Linking with the Ginger Bread Girl – Sweet Saturday xo

Our Girl is HOME!!

Oh what a twenty-four hours it has been!  Last night we popped over last minute to my Mum and Dad’s for dinner.  They are great like that. They never mind setting an extra three places at the table.  We also took our dog Bonnie.  She is a beautiful eight year old Shih Tzu. I refer to her as my first born. It wasn’t until after dinner I looked around for Bonnie.  She was nowhere to be found. We soon realized she was lost!

The searching began.  First we started by walking the streets with torches calling her.  This lasted about three hours.  Mum and Dad’s wonderful neighbors helped search too.  I even began to knock on peoples  doors if they had their front lights on.   There was no sign of her.  Ben had gone to bed at Mums in the the middle of all of this.  Before he went to bed he told me not to worry.  His exact words were ‘Don’t worry Mummy.  Don’t be sad.  We go to the council and they will have her’, he paused…….. and finished with ‘after we get her we can come home and fight the Death Star’.  For those who aren’t familiar with the Death Star it is the ultimate bad guy mother ship in Star Wars.  He always makes me smile – thanks Ben.  I made some signs to put up and collected all the phone numbers I needed to call in the morning to register her missing.  It was a very long night.  Andrew and I did not sleep well.  My dreams were full of Bonnie.  I was imagining the worst and my heart was breaking.  The morning seemed to take forever to arrive.  To make matters worse it rained during the night.  Bonnie normally sleeps in a basket beside our bed and doesn’t even like to step on wet grass.  My heart sank.  I tried to stay positive.

We began our search in the morning by ringing the council to register her as missing. The lady was so helpful.   She is registered with our local council as well as being micro-chipped with Central Animal Records – CAR.  We knew she would be ok if someone honest found her.  My Mum put up posters around her neighborhood, shopping center, and asked anyone walking their dog.   Andrew and Ben did a letter box drop.    We visited the pound twice during the day as well as registering her missing with all the local vets.  In the afternoon we discovered that there is a service that the RSPCA provide called ‘Pet D-tec‘.  You pay a small fee and they search for you and make posters and send them out.  We registered for that as well.  I rang the council a few times just to double check on things.  I talked to the same lady each time and even she had begun to worry.  There was another Shih Tzu found in the next suburb.  But after talking with these people we discovered it wasn’t Bonnie.   I broke down sobbing after that.  Andrew just held me and listened to my strange sobbing noises – love you honey.  In between all of this we had a doctors appointment for an ongoing issue.  It was just more than I could bare.  Andrew however continued to be positive.  He was certain that Bonnie would be coming home.  He is just so wonderful xo

Minutes later we got our first piece of news.  Mum had talked to her other neighbour.  He had seen a dog fitting the description at the local shops  about a kilometer away.  Mum and I picked up Ben and Andrew from their letter box drop and we all made our way to search the shops and surrounding area.  While we were there I received ‘the’ call.  The council lady rang (The same lady I had been speaking to all day.  She said she never gets to speak to the same customer) and said she was so excited to receive a call that Bonnie had been found.  She said the lady who found Bonnie really wanted my details to bring her to us.  The council lady was explaining that that wasn’t the process while she was searching the databases registration numbers.  She said she screamed out ‘You found BONNIE’ to the lady on the other end.  The council lady quickly rang me and transferred me through to the lady who found Bonnie…… have you followed all that!!  I could hardly talk as I was crying AGAIN but happy tears this time.  It works out that the lady who found Bonnie lives across from the local shops where we were searching.  We had Bonnie back in our arms within five minutes of the phone call.  She was incredibley stinky but it didn’t worry us.   We cuddled her up.

I am incredibly thankful to Andrew, Ben (for being so beautiful), Mum, Dad, Mum’s neighbours (both sides), everyone we spoke to on the phone, the lady at the council, and especially that lady who found Bonnie.  I can’t believe I can’t remember any of the ladies names.  But tomorrow I will be visiting the council and the ladies house with flowers.  They found Our Girl!!!  We am so grateful…….. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you xo


It was such a big day Ben fell asleep in the car on the way home.  He was so happy to have his Pup Pup back (that is what he calls her).  I have never been so happy to bring both my babies home!!


Here is Bonnie…. all scrubbed and with a full belly.     She ate more food than I have ever seen her eat.  She is now asleep on the lounge snoring.  Welcome home beautiful girl – what an adventure xoxo