Coughing Coughing Coughing!!

Ben has croup for the first time.  Oh this is not fun!!!  I haven’t felt this nervous as a parent since Ben was a newborn.     As I type Ben is happy.  I have given him the DS.  He has forgotten he is sick and has entered the world of Star Wars Lego.  Who thought that a DS could be such good medicine.  Here hoping his croup is gone SOON!!


Quick Update:

You have to love Grandma!!  Ben and Grandma have been sitting quietly playing ‘Where’s Wally’ on her ipad for over an hour (with hardly any coughing – touch wood).  Thank you xoxo


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Week 9 with Jamie – Best Ever Fruit Crumble

Picnik collage Jamie\'s Ministry of food - week 9

We made fruit crumble this week.  Jamie’s recipe is called ‘Best Ever Fruit Crumble’.  That comes with  really big expectations.  It certainly was the best ever fruit….. pears, apples, ginger and lime….. SO GOOD!  But best ever crumble……sorry I can’t agree.  Crumble just isn’t crumble without oats,  brown sugar and coconut…. then it would be the ‘Best Ever Fruit Crumble’.  So apart from my difference of opinion with Jamie (heheheh), this week was fabulous fun.  Our cooking group and Instructors are just wonderful, so many lovely people.  Next week is our last week.  It will be sad to finish.  Andrew and I have really enjoyed cooking together in class.  I don’t think Andrew has made a meal at home yet though…… unless porridge counts xoxo

Next Week – Roast Chook!

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Ka Chow!!


Lightning McQueen is once again  starring on the big screen.  McQueen and his side kick Mater made Ben’s day today.  He just loved Cars 2 with it’s wonderful characters old and new.


He did  jump on my lap a few times through the movie  a little scarred but seconds later it was all smiles and laughing.  I enjoyed it as well….. maybe not as good as the original.


But it got big thumbs up from Ben!!

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It’s a STRIKE!!

Today we went bowling.  Ben has been asking us to go for ….. well forever.  He watched an episode of ‘Handy Manny’ that was at a bowling alley.  After that every time he saw a sign about bowling he reminded us that we needed to go.   We had planned on going to our local bowling alley.  But unfortunately it was badly damaged in the recent floods.  We ended up at Loganholme.  It is half way between us and Al and Claire.  So we all went bowling…. YAY!

The kids loved it!  Ben, Hugo and even Evie all had a go.  The kids had the aid of bumpers and ramps to assist them.  Unfortunately Claire and I did not have this assistance…. we could have used it!!  It has been about twenty years since I went bowling last!  But I did get one STRIKE (no skill involved – complete fluke).  Claire however did have a very unique bowling style to assist her!   The Dads took a while to warm up and probably would have liked to play another game.   But little people needed to have lunch.  Ben and Hugo particularly enjoyed the day…. I am not sure what they enjoyed more the bowling or the chips they got as a special treat.

Picnik collage bowling

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Week 8 with Jamie – Fish

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This week the lovely Danella stepped us through three dishes – cucumber yoghurt, salmon tikka and evolution potato salad.  All incredibly simple quick dishes.  My fav was the evolution potato salad.  We are big fans of the evolutions salads…. the tomato and green salads….very tasty!

Next week – Baking….crumble…yummo!!

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Snips & Snails


Boys!!  Ben’s favorite things are sticks, stones, string and bark.  He loves nothing more than collecting sticks.  I even found one in the fridge this week!  I also forgot to clean out Ben’s pockets before doing the washing.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the washing machine lid.  There was so much bark covering the clothes.  Even after I had taken all the clothes out I had to vacuum out the bark from the machine….TWICE!!  Oh I love Ben….snips and snails and puppy dog tails!!

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