I Plan….

I plan!  I plan everything.  I am continually analyzing, worrying and planning in my head.    I like to know what is ahead of me.  I have always been like this. I am continually trying to keep to a plan.  I can  feel my body tense when my plan is delayed or adjusted.   But in light of recent events I realize that you just can’t plan  everything.  Life has a way of making you stop and reflect.  Planning has become exhausting and I beginning to think a little over rated!  So I thought I would try this……


It might take some practice but I’m ready to give it a go!!

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8 thoughts on “I Plan….”

  1. Yep, Life has been trying to teach me this also!
    “Keep Calm & Carry On” is currently in our kitchen.
    Can we have” Sometimes plan but sometimes wing it” in poster form?

  2. Good luck with that B. I too am a huge planner and have been known to get the sweats if things don’t go to plan. Anyways, just wanted to say good luck xo

    Glad you are putting that poster to good use Teen 🙂

  3. Inlove this. I am not so much of a planner more of a winger…hehe. Maybe this would help me to plan a bit more.

  4. Maybe I need to make more of an effort to plan my winging it moments because I am not too great at that. : )

  5. oh, belinda. i hear ya! plans just feel best for me. lately though, i have tried winging things. it doesn’t hurt that much at all;)


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