Caught in our PJ’s!!

Ben and I were so busy playing  one morning last week that it very close to lunch time before we got out of our PJ’s!

We got caught up on the computer playing on the new Play School website.

Screen Shot 2011-07-28 at 2.00.04 PM.jpg

Oh how I love playschool.  It’s no secret I am a huge fan (There’s a bear in there, And a chair as well, and There are people with games). We did some digital pasting and went on an amazing adventure into outer space.



Ben was inspired.  He wanted to make his own rocket…..YAY!


His rocket will NEVER fall apart.  It has a roll of sticky tape holding it together!!


His just a bit proud.  And look who is off into space……


Obi Wan and his loyal followers!!!

The Mail Service Lady arrived with a parcel just before lunch and caught us in our PJ’s (and it’s not the first time….opps).

my name.jpg

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3 thoughts on “Caught in our PJ’s!!”

  1. Millie loves the new play school web site too!
    I’m suprised we haven’t been caught out in our PJ’s. xx

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