Just Call Us Country Folk!

As you have probably gathered we are excited about our chickens!!  But we quickly learnt just how little we really knew about keeping them.  Lucky for us we live in an age of technology and what would we do with out Google.  This week I Googled ‘How to pick up a chicken‘ and ‘How to clip chickens wings‘. I was worried I might be hurting the chickens if I didn’t pick it up properly and Honda had worked out how to escape from pen – time to clip those wings!   Not only did our wonderful computer give me all the info I needed, I also got a Utube video showing me how!  So after watching the thirty five second video of ‘How to clip  chickens wings‘, I grabbed the scissors and headed down to the chickens.  Andrew and I had it done in a couple of minutes.  We looked at each other … a little shocked and laughed that we must me ‘County Folk’ now….. tending to the stock!!  I kept the feathers as proof!!!


Introducing Buzz and Woofy

DSC_2134.JPGThe weekend saw our family grow by two more chickens.  We finally found some Silky hens.  Ben named them Buzz (white like Buzz Light Year) and Woofy (brown like our dog Bonnie).  I was a little nervous introducing Silky hens and Red hens because Red hens can be aggressive.  And yes there was some aggression.  I was just horrified at the whole pecking order process.  I couldn’t cope with it so we removed the Silky hens and returned them at night – popping them gently on the roost.  I had the worst night sleep…. I was so worried about them.  I got up at sunrise to let the chickens out so they didn’t attack each other again in the morning.  It is now two days later and there is definitely a pecking order but they seem to have worked it out.  Honda is definitely the boss even pecking at Bonnie through the fence today…. hilarious!  Buzz and Woofy are only sixteen weeks old, just babies.    They don’t even have there fluffy feet yet.  We are looking  forward to sharing lots of cuddles with our new fluffy hens.



Fathers Day 2010

Ben was very excited about Fathers Day this year.  Ben and I talked about what we should do for Daddy and it included:

–  A sleep in

– Presents

–  Breakfast in bed – pancakes, fruit, coffee and juice

–  Reading motorbike magazines

–  Doing pretty much boy stuff all day long!

Poor Andrew I don’t think there was much of a sleep in.  Ben was so excited he had to speed up the days events (especially the present opening!)



There was all kinds of excitement in our house yesterday when our lovely hen Honda laid her first egg. Andrew was cleaning out the hen house when I noticed Honda doing some rather strange behaviors and I said to Andrew she is going to lay an egg. He laughed and more of less told me I was dreaming. But true to form I went back down to the hen house about half an hour later and there it was…… the first egg!!! There were squeals of delight (from me). Ben and Andrew hurried to get the camera and headed down to witness the extravaganza. Ben just wanted to hold it and I was sure he would crack it…… which he did so we had to hurry and scramble it. It was delicious…… well done Honda!




Mmmm……. YUM!!!