As I have previously said….. I am easily excited.

Yesterday I had decided to pull the cucumber plants out of the garden.  They looked a little sick and didn’t seem to be growing anything.  I squealed with delight when I went to pull out a plant and I found this:


I told you I was easily excited!  I quickly covered it back up, puffed out my chest and felt a little bit clever.  As you can gather I am not a very experienced gardener.  I’m learning as I go. However the tomatoes and beans seem to be going well – touch wood.  We are getting plenty of beans but they never seem to make it to the kitchen.  We eat them as we pick them!  I am hoping I can make tomato chutney with my tomatoes this season.



And on a not so sucessful note.  I pulled out the corn.  It went all soggy!  The chickens didn’t even want it!!  And I am also not sure what is going on with the pumpkin and zucchini plants.


If anyone has any garden tips I would be grateful.  Otherwise I will consult with Stephanie Alexander …… my gardening book.

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