Maggie’s Fairy Party

IMG_5310.JPGBen’s cousin Maggie had her 3rd birthday.  She had a beautiful  fairy party.  We went shopping and made sure Ben had his wings and his wand.  I thought he  would make a great fairy.  The party was lovely, full of little fairys.  Well…….  Ben put on quite a show, he wasn’t happy.  He is teething but we aren’t sure if it was his teeth or the fairy wings that he was most upset about.   Party food and party games didn’t even make him happy.  We took him home for a nice big sleep and went back in the afternoon (without wings) for a  play with his cousins.

IMG_5308.JPG IMG_5312.JPG


Keys!Ben has a love of keys. From an early age he chewed them, played with them and more recently put them into locks, holes and luckily NO power points. Ben also loves DVD’s. He will take them out of their boxes or eject them out of the DVD player and bring them to me and with a very serious face  saying ‘Um Ahhh!!!’. So when the handle on the DVD cupboard came off from Ben playing with it. I left if off thinking I would have some relief……. not to be!!! Ben discovered that he could stick my car key in the hole and open the cupboard. He was so proud showing me what he could do, all the time saying ‘Um Ahh!!!’.   Mmm testing the boundaries!!!

Keys open doors!!!! Ahhhhhhhh Na Na Nas !  Um Ahh!!!

Christmas Eve in Chinchilla

We have made the journey to Chinchilla this year for a ‘Lattimore’ Christmas. It has been so hot Ben has been struggling with the heat. Grandad made ‘swimming pool mark one’ (a plastic clam shell filled with water) for Ben to play in and it was such a hit. We didn’t bring Ben’s togs so he went in the nud!!

While in the pool Ben was distracted by the little bicycle. He would not let us put a nappy on him or any clothes……. he was having a ball!!

From Lattimore Family 2008

Jet Skiing with Uncle Phil

See that small dot..... thats me! On Sunday Andrew, Ben, Phil and myself spent the day at Somerset Dam.  Uncle Phil and Andrew took Ben had his first ride on a jetski.  He loved sitting on the Jetski and playing with the handle bars.  He wasn’t overly keen on the life jacket….. probably because it was way to big.  He will have to grow into it.  It was great to spend a day outside (and not swelter in the heat) and to catch up with Phil.  Check out Ben on the jetski!

Uncle Phil, Ben and Andrew

Getting ready to go!