Christmas Eve in Chinchilla

We have made the journey to Chinchilla this year for a ‘Lattimore’ Christmas. It has been so hot Ben has been struggling with the heat. Grandad made ‘swimming pool mark one’ (a plastic clam shell filled with water) for Ben to play in and it was such a hit. We didn’t bring Ben’s togs so he went in the nud!!

While in the pool Ben was distracted by the little bicycle. He would not let us put a nappy on him or any clothes……. he was having a ball!!

From Lattimore Family 2008

4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve in Chinchilla”

  1. I’m most impressed that the little bike has survived the four Lattimore boys over the course of the last 25-30 years and now the next Lattimore boy gets to enjoy it too!

  2. The bike is pink because it was Emma’s first bike as well. I can also remember Jack riding it when he was younger too. Well used!

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