Keys!Ben has a love of keys. From an early age he chewed them, played with them and more recently put them into locks, holes and luckily NO power points. Ben also loves DVD’s. He will take them out of their boxes or eject them out of the DVD player and bring them to me and with a very serious face  saying ‘Um Ahhh!!!’. So when the handle on the DVD cupboard came off from Ben playing with it. I left if off thinking I would have some relief……. not to be!!! Ben discovered that he could stick my car key in the hole and open the cupboard. He was so proud showing me what he could do, all the time saying ‘Um Ahh!!!’.   Mmm testing the boundaries!!!

Keys open doors!!!! Ahhhhhhhh Na Na Nas !  Um Ahh!!!

Broken Arm – Update

The Specialist – Dr Mohoney, is very happy with how the arm is healing. He removed the strap from around Ben’s body. So now Ben just has a little sling that fits over his wrist. Ben is much happier about this. The Specialist said that probably next week Ben will just begin to use his arm again. At the most Ben will have the sling for three weeks but it can come off anytime after two weeks.

Ben is doing considerably well. He is managing to scoot around on his bottom and get to most things he wants. However I have spoilt him a little and he is obsessed with DVDs. He is constantly wanting the Justine Clarke – I like to Sing DVD put on. I have given in every time. I can see when the sling comes off there will be some MAJOR tantrums – Oh Dear!!!