I Can Hardly Believe it! “2010 update”

I did it!!!  I finally did it!!!!!  I plucked up the courage to ride the motorbike.  I thought I was so cool.  Ben thought I was so cool.  Andrew couldn’t stop laughing because it was just Ben’s Honda Z50!!


It didn’t end so well though….. oops!  I did miss the tree…just!!

The aftermath !

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Our Lovely Ladies “2010 update”

Our lovely ladies Honda, Penny Penny, Woof and Buzz are all laying!  We have had so many eggs we have been giving them away.


I never knew that I would love our girls so much.  But they have really become family pets.  They all have their own little personalities.  Ben and I visit them  for cuddles.  Don’t worry I am well aware of  how ridiculous I sound!!

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Oh Goodness Gracious Me!!!!

I am not sure what is going on but in the last two days we have had two very UNWELCOME visitors….

I have to say my heart skipped a beat when I saw this snake today on the back verandah!


And yesterday I was petrified of this Huntsman Spider….. It was bigger than my hand…..ewwwww!!!


The snake was more frightened of me than I was of it and it quickly slithered away.  We believe it to be a harmless tree snake.  Unfortunately the spider was not so lucky and he did meet the can of insect spray (sorry Aunty Claire!!).  I know that these kinds of things come in threes…..what’s next???

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Made Me Smile

I was sitting around last night a little down in the dumps and came across  this  fabulous app for my iphone.  I have just fallen in love with it. It made me SMILE which can never be a bad thing.

IMG_1756.JPG IMG_1757.JPG IMG_1758.JPG IMG_1783.JPG

I cant remember the last time I took photos with me in them.  I am always snapping away at everyone else.   I just couldn’t help myself.  Everyone joined in, even Bonnie our dog.  It was a hoot!! We all had a great time!! It’s called Pocketbooth…. so cute.

I am going to attempt to hook this up to a ‘Life Made Lovely Monday’.   A wonderful hook up all about the little surprises in life.

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Where Have I Been?

Anyone who reads our blog would have noticed that there hasn’t been much blogging of late.  For some deranged  reason I returned to teaching last semester.  To say the least I did not enjoy it.  Here is a portrait one of the children drew of me.  I think it sums it up…… I was a CRAZY LADY and didn’t handle myself as gracefully as I would have hoped!!


I did however learn a very valuable lesson.  I am truly blessed to have to opportunity to be home with Ben.  I will never take it for granted again!  Family means the world to me!!

So ….. I am back, once again sane and our blog has a new look.   I have missed blogging and have so much to catch you up on.  So from time to time I will add an ‘update’  from 2010…..enjoy.

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