Fiddle Fingers

Ben had become very quiet today…… something that ‘mostly’ lets me know he is up to no good.  I found him on the lounge with my iphone, in the App Store, looking at Star Wars apps.  What can I say…… ‘Thank goodness Mr Fiddles Fingers doesn’t know the password!!!’  Technology is just second nature to him.  I am sure Apple give their products to small children during testing!  He knows his way around my iphone, the ipod and is quickly working out the imac.  Time to tighten the rules when using technology I think!


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One thought on “Fiddle Fingers”

  1. Claire & I wondered the same thing too Belinda.

    The first time Hugo played with one of our iPhones, when he was still just a little fella – he immediately understood the interface. He nudged the slider and it moved, nudged it more and it moved further then just smoothly unlocked the phone. As soon as he saw the icons, he accidentally ‘moved’ the screen and suddenly he was scrolling sideways. Then he found the contacts application and realised he could scroll vertically & when he found a scroll wheel he thought Christmas had come early! These days he knows how to open the applications he likes, such as ABC Kids – blows me away.

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