Fiddle Fingers

Ben had become very quiet today…… something that ‘mostly’ lets me know he is up to no good.  I found him on the lounge with my iphone, in the App Store, looking at Star Wars apps.  What can I say…… ‘Thank goodness Mr Fiddles Fingers doesn’t know the password!!!’  Technology is just second nature to him.  I am sure Apple give their products to small children during testing!  He knows his way around my iphone, the ipod and is quickly working out the imac.  Time to tighten the rules when using technology I think!


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Major Milestone While on the Move

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As our last post mentioned we bought, sold and moved  quickly.  Within that month it was a crazy time in our household.  Ben was left to entertain himself while I packed.  As you can see from the photos I snapped he had a fantastic time.   But I do feel that I needed to post that in this time a major milestone was met …….nappies are a thing of the past .  We are so proud of our big jock wearing man…..Ben!    Oh my goodness we had some drama! Ben certainly did not give up his nappy happily. He grew to love his potty but fortunately we couldn’t find it when we moved so he had to step up and use the big boy toilet. All I can say is well done Ben and thank goodness for the ipod touch!!