I have to be like Jack….

We have been reading Star Wars books and Nursery Rhymes to Ben at bedtime.  It is so refreshing to see him enjoy something other than Star Wars.

jack be nimble2.jpg

Today he was reciting Jack Be Nimble.

jack be nimble.jpg

I came out from making beds today to find him doing this.  He told me ‘I have to be like Jack’.

jack be nimble1.jpg

my name.jpg

Screen shot 2011-03-12 at 3.13.38 PM.png

One thought on “I have to be like Jack….”

  1. My son’s name is Jack so naturally I was drawn to your post 🙂 love it! and your picture is amazing! thanks for sharing! (oh and he loves star wars too…and he is only 2!!)

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