Give this to Uncle Cam…


Ben has been a little ‘Pork Chop’ of late.  Testing his boundaries and huffing and puffing about this and that.  His favorite sayings are ‘But I don’t want toooooooo’ and ‘Oh I am not happy’.   And this morning he was at his best……. sometimes I wonder if my beautiful boy has disappeared.

After a struggle to eat breakfast, get dressed and comb hair, he hugged his Dad and Nanny goodbye as they are heading into the hospital to visit Uncle Cam.  It is the big day today.  Everyone is a little  on edge  with worry.  Ben asks his Dad if he is going to work.  When he replies he is going to see Uncle Cam in the hospital Ben wants to know why.  We very simply explain he has a owie  that needs to be fixed by a special doctors.  Ben seems fine with this and goes about his business.  His Dad and Nanny yell out ‘see you’ as they walk down the hall and Ben jumps down from the table runs to his Dad wraps his arms around him and gives him an extra big hug.  He says ‘Dad can you give that to Uncle Cam’.  We all stop…. oh there is my beautiful boy….. our worry eases for a moment.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Uncle Cam and Aunty Teen today….. love you xoxo

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