Our New Visitor!!!

If you were driving through Pine Mountain this afternoon you could have been mistaken that you were watching a bad comedy show. It all began around 4.oopm, I noticed a gentleman on his afternoon walk stop to admire our chickens. At the time I thought this was lovely. But about half an hour later I went to the ladies…… and looked out the window to admire the peaceful view and I saw this huge bird attacking the chickens….

If you were driving through Pine Mountain this afternoon you could have been mistaken that you were watching a bad comedy show.   It all began around 4.oopm, I noticed a gentleman on his afternoon walk stop to admire our chickens.  At the time I thought this was lovely.  But about half an hour later I went to the ladies……  and looked out the window to admire the peaceful view and  I saw this huge bird attacking the chickens…. something the not so gentlemanly gentleman must have stopped to watch.  So nice of him to knock on the door and let me know.  I raced out of the bathroom (still pulling up pants)  to save Honda, Buzz, Penny Penny and Woof.  Bonnie came running with me and Ben stood on the verandah screaming that something was killing his chickens! I reached the chicken’s gate and realised I had nothing to shoo this horrible bird away.  I raced back on the verandah and grabbed the plastic watering can (not sure what I was thinking).  I am certain at this point I still had not done up my pants and  realised that I could not open the gate, hold my pants up and hold the watering can at the same time.  I dropped the watering can, did up the pants and was in the pen thinking…… Mmmm what the hell can I do.  I starting banging on the watering can and making ridiculous noises at the bird which at this time I recognised to be a Scrub Turkey.  My noise did nothing to deter the horrible bird from standing on Penny Penny (Ben’s screaming made no difference either!).   Bonnie stepped up and started barking and darting at the fence and the Scrub Turkey let go of Penny Penny and ran for the other chickens.  I managed to grab my phone out of my pocket and take a blurred picture of the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE BIRD!  It then took a flying leap over the chickens and into the block next to us.  At this time I thought it was gone and tended to the petrified hens, checked Ben was ok and congratulated Bonnie on her heroic actions.  After about fifteen minutes the horrible bird was back….. but this time didn’t make it in the pen.  Bonnie was off after it, she did the bolt and chased it ….. I don’t know where because I lost Bonnie!  It was at this point I became hysterical that I couldn’t find Bonnie.  I was running up and down the fence calling Bonnie while ringing Andrew in tears that I had lost the dog.  Benjamin was still screaming on the verandah but now there were tears because he was so distraught Bonnie was missing.  All I could think of was …….. I hate that BLOODY Scrub Turkey.  Finally after about fifteen minutes or so of shouting and running all over, Bonnie appeared and got cuddled up and roused at (all in the space of about two seconds), the chickens got locked up, Ben got cuddles and kisses from myself and Bonnie and I was wondering why the hell did I ring Andrew hysterically in tears for help ….. he can’t help he’s at work fifty minutes away…….hilarious!!!!

Later when we had all recovered from our little adventure I did a little research about our lovely visitor.  It’s not so great news….they are protected, you aren’t supposed to trap them or relocate them without a license and chances are it has a nest close by!!  Stay tuned for more adventures with our new visitor……


Blurred Bonnie and blurred Scrub Turkey!!

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  1. You are so funny!! It would have been very traumatic though – poor things. Those scrub turkeys are everywhere. Even in the city!! Our dog got out yesterday and ran down the street at 100 miles per hour with the kids chasing after her. Oh the dramas!!! Luckily a lady out walking caught her and handed her over to the kids!

  2. Miss Belinda you are too funny, that was such a good read not so funny haha though!! You know there is a way to rid yourself of the turkey….find a lovely aboriginal , man or woman, and ask them to do a bbq turkey!! They’re legally allowed to kill them as its their native food. Have a good day, Nete xx

  3. Oh my god, I know that is hilarious but as soon as I read that your poor chickens were being attacked I started welling up :{ and then when I read Bonnie was missing the tears started flowing uncontrollably 🙁 . Must be the hormones but I am glad everything turned out okay in the end.

  4. Now I’ve stopped laughing….. She is correct in that they are protected and you just have to live with them. Some friends had some in their garden, constantly digging up new plants and basically snubbing their nose at every attempt to get rid of them. Apparently they do not like that bright orange barrier screen so if you can get your hands on some of that then you might be in with a chance.

  5. Yes, hilarious reading – but I’m sure it wasn’t at the time! We have a frequent visitor as well, but no chickens, so not really an issue. It is a very bold bird. My in-laws out your way are die-hard enemies of the scrub turkey which likes to “re-organise” their garden on a fairly regular basis. It seems mulch is quite in favour for nest making!

  6. Just the story I needed to end the day with a good giggle!
    Made me recall our scrub turkey story. My Rob was on his throne doing his ‘business’ when what he thought was a massive rat, ran past the loo and into the bathroom. Quick as a flash with pants undone (just like you Belinda) he promptly ran up to lock the bathroom door while calling me to come look!!
    We both nervously opened the door thinking ‘what are we going to do with this live rat?’ only to find a baby scrub turkey cornered in our bathroom. This ‘thing’ had found it’s way into our house up the stairs. When we finally managed to catch it and take it outside to be released it didn’t want to leave! It is now a welcome, regular visitor to our overgrown backyard. It has also spread the word that our back yard isn’t as well kept as other ‘gardens’ near us in Auchenflower, so we now have quite a few scrub turkeys claiming our backyard as their own!

  7. I can only giggle! Reminds of the time many many years ago when the house we were living in at the time had an outside toilet and the door had a 6 or 7 inch clearance at the bottom . The occupant, JA, saw this black thing, convinced herself it was a snake, it was moving, or so she thought, screamed, went through the door like a bolt of lightning, up the stairs and into the house whilst still trying to pull her pants up!! Total consternation when it proved to be just a piece of black poly pipe with a bend or two in it.Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  8. Should have taken a picture of the carpet snake making itself at home on my entry table last Wednesday night, the cane toad in my school bag and the enormous spider on The Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly book in the store room!!!! Have decided to buy an apartment on the 38th floor in the city!! The possum and baby trying to steal fruit out of my bowl on the kitchen bench was a little less stressful. Who in their right mind would want to be Bindi Irwin!!!

  9. Am disappointed in you Bel! A decent Prep teacher (especially one with fantastic photographic credentials) would have taken a clearer photo amid the dramas to show to the kids at school on Monday! Your standards are slipping!!!

  10. I saw the dam bird today . The neighbors must think we are crazy, me (while on the loo) yelling at Belinda while she was on the phone that the turkey was on its way back to the hens. She was great, off the phone and out the door after the stupid thing. it had the sense to run away. I hope it stays away.

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