I wish I lived in Wonderland!

IMG_0691.JPGThe Children’s Gallery at the Ipswich Art Gallery is Australia’s first dedicated art gallery for children. It is a place where children can imagine, create and discover. The current exhibition is – I wished I lived in Wonderland. Emerging artist Rose Skinner created this highly detailed installations using found objects, plastic, coloured sugar,lollies, toys and furniture. From 26 June until 24 July Rose  worked, in public view, to create I wish I lived in Wonderland. Wonderland is a unique installation created especially for the Children’s Gallery for an audience of children and families. The installation  encourages children to explore, discover and imagine. Children are able to contribute to Wonderland by making small items for inclusion in the installation.  They are also  encouraged to respond to Wonderland by making their own artworks to take home.

Ben, Andrew and I visited the Children’s gallery again this morning for Morning Stories – an interactive story and art making session.  Ben once again loved exploring the installation.   He responds to the exhibition differently each time we visit.  Initially he was just overwhelmed by all it entailed but now he is more focused looking intently at what there is to discover.    Ben was especially focused this morning at the art making table.  He snipped away with the scissors with great concentration.  We were still at the table when everyone else had moved on.  Those who know Ben know that this is very unusual!!

For anyone who is traveling this way or lives locally I would suggest that you pop in for a visit.  They have focused sessions – Creative Cupcakes, Morning Stories, Toddler Wonderland, Baby Wonderland that you need to book for but otherwise there is always art making available.  Expect the unexpected when you visit I wish I lived in Wonderland .  It is even home to live rats living in renovated television sets.



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  1. It look like a great deal of fun. I love Ben’s tongue action while cutting. I hope I get to visit before it is finished

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