Walking, who thought it could be so much fun!

Ben has been on a journey of discovery since he found his feet. People would say to me ‘you won’t know what hit you when he starts to walk’, ‘you’ll wish he never starting moving’, etc. But I love the walking and so does Ben. It is so much fun and it sure beats the frustration of not walking. He is such a happy boy puddling around with whatever he can get his hands on. I am such a proud mum watching him walk…. I never thought it was going to happen.

Offically on the Move – Look No Hands!!!

On Wednesday 1 October Benjamin (17 1/2 months) decided that it was time to be on his feet. He started by walking outside on the path (captured on mobile phone camera) and really hasn’t stopped since. He has been very excited and almost shocked that he can move around and not hold on. Ben has never been in a hurry to move……..we thought it was never going to happen!

Walking (well….. almost)!

Andrew and I have been assisting Ben to his feet.  We have been doing the ‘walk to Mummy’ and ‘walk to Daddy’ around the house.  We also have a pebbley driveway which Ben does not like to crawl on.  Everyday we head out onto it with all his push toys to encourage walking.  So for about a week now Ben has been happy to take a few steps here and there.  But yesterday Benjamin took some steps away from home……. YAY, YAY,YAY.  I can hardly contain my excitement.  We were next door with the Durrington’s and Benjamin walked to Ryan.  It was only about five steps but he did it on his own.   It was really to get to the trampoline but he also adores Ryan, Finlay and Charlotte.  Somehow I don’t think this means he is officially on his feet but it is ‘A FEW STEPS IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!!’


Ben has been moving for some time now. Not so much in the conventional way but walking holding onto everything. He will even walk holding onto strangers legs if it means he can get to where he wants to go. But today…….. It’s nothing short of a miracle. Benjamin decided to make a stand at Kindermusik this morning! He is particularly found of the song – You walk and you walk and you walk and you STOP….march, run etc. Because Ben has been a little reluctant to take his first steps alone I have been holding him when we sing this song and we walk, march and run together. But today……. He found his feet. He stood alone but still insisted in holding just the very tip of my finger when we moved to the song. He squealed with delight, clapping his hands and shouting ‘YAY, YAY, YAY!!!’ I think his teacher Sharon was actually in shock. I wish the world could have seen the delight on his face. Good Job Benjamin!