The Big Number 2!

Happy Second Birthday Benjamin!!!

It  feels like yesterday I held Ben for the first time.  Looking back the time has passed with a  blink of eye.  I get emotional just thinking about how much has happened in just two short years.  It really has been a joy and a privilege to watch Ben grow …… well except for the more recent tantrums!

Ben had a fantastic day and a wonderful party.  Ben’s birthday began with a pile of presents to open.  He loved it.  Here he is playing his ukulele, playing with his puzzle and sipping a cup of tea.


Ben birthday was on Thursday and his party on Saturday but the celebrations continued for some time.  Ben’s party was at home in the yard.  He had many friends and family attend. His little friends seemed to  have a ball (well….. so did his Mum and Dad!!!). There was games, great friends and cake!

Ben 2ndBday Apr09 (51).JPG Ben 2ndBday Apr09 (43).JPG

Ben 2ndBday Apr09 (16).JPG Ben 2ndBday Apr09 (77).JPG

Ben 2ndBday Apr09 (68).JPG Ben 2ndBday Apr09 (3).JPG

IMG_5504.JPGBen was so lucky to receive so many lovely gifts.  But he couldn’t hide what his favorite was.  Our fabulous neighbors (who know Ben very well) gave him a bag of hats – fireman hat, viking hat, pirate hat  ect.  He refused to take his policeman hat off  all day.  He even wore it in the bath!!!  Thank you everyone for a lovely day.

Ben’s First Birthday

It was Ben’s first birthday a few days ago on the 16th April 2008.

We had some idealistic expectation that on his birthday Ben would be his best and most cheerful self.

Sadly it was not to be, due mainly to the dredded “teeth”. Man the whole teething thing is nasty.

On the positive side we had a bit of a party on the following Saturday and Ben was fantastic all day even without his normal sleep routine. We were very proud. It was also great to see so many friends and family come along to celebrate with us. I think it is as much a celebration for us (the parents) for making it this far without damaging Benjamin too much. Hopefully we have done an OK job.

Here are a few pics of the party.