My Honda……just like Daddy’s!

I am sure when we first looked at our new house the deal clincher for Andrew was the Honda Z50 that was under the house.  It was just like the bike he and his brothers grew up riding together.  If you listen to any of the brothers when they talk about their bike they light up…. they loved it!!  I really am certain that Andrew immediately imagined Ben on the bike.  Myself on the other hand needed some convincing about it.  But once I was assured that he wouldn’t be able to ride it solo for some years I felt much better.  It hadn’t really occurred to me that Andrew and Ben could ride it together.

Andrew was so excited to show Ben.  Ben loved it.  His face lit up …. well until Andrew started it.  He got a fright and ran screaming and waving his hands in the air.  I secretly was a little relieved thinking that the bike would be put away until he was older. What was I thinking!!??  That was not the case.  Ben quickly grew to love his Honda…. it’s just like Daddy’s.  Andrew and Ben ride around the yard together.  Ben no longer screams with fright but  he screams ‘Yahooo’.  He tries to kick start it and insists of steering and controlling the throttle.  I rest easy knowing that it’s top speed is slower than a push bike and Ben now has his own helmet.  I am also certain that Andrew loves it just as much as Ben.  Have Fun Boys!


Major Milestone While on the Move

28012010.jpg PIC-0078.jpg
As our last post mentioned we bought, sold and moved  quickly.  Within that month it was a crazy time in our household.  Ben was left to entertain himself while I packed.  As you can see from the photos I snapped he had a fantastic time.   But I do feel that I needed to post that in this time a major milestone was met …….nappies are a thing of the past .  We are so proud of our big jock wearing man…..Ben!    Oh my goodness we had some drama! Ben certainly did not give up his nappy happily. He grew to love his potty but fortunately we couldn’t find it when we moved so he had to step up and use the big boy toilet. All I can say is well done Ben and thank goodness for the ipod touch!!


Day Out with Thomas 2010

Ben has had a growing interest in trains.  His collection of Thomas trains has been growing and for Christmas he received extra track from Grandma.  It seems to be a weekly occurrence that you have to watch your step in the lounge room so you don’t mess up the track.  Here are some tracks – not exactly mind blowing but  for someone who is spatially challenged I am a little proud!

IMG_1255.JPG IMG_1259.JPG

We are already regularly visitors to the Ipswich Railway Workshops.  We just love it, such a fantastic outing.   Their current attraction is ‘A Day Out with Thomas’.  You can meet Sir Topham Hatt, The Fat Controller in person. Also climb aboard Thomas the Tank Engine and explore the driver’s cabin. Our favorite is to visit the Thomas Play Pit and enjoy interactive Thomas the Tank Engine activities  in air-conditioning – a room full of Thomas trains and track.  Ben also loves to have a go with Thomas the Tank Engine art and craft.  To wind down we head to the adventures of Thomas & Friends screening continuously in the Theatrette.  But as well as all the Thomas attractions there is still all the favorites – Nippers playground and Cooking in the old train.  This year Finlay, Charlotte, Bree, Joseph and Baby Tom have all joined us for a visit.  We hope to go one more time before Thomas closes for another year.  Here are some photos of Ben and the boys!