Twelve Christmas Favourites #8

#8 Christmas Favourite – SNOW

Yeah yeah I know there is no snow in Queensland ……….. like ever!!!  But it is ok to dream of snow, isn’t it?  I have had one white Christmas and I do dream of taking Andrew and Ben off to the snow for another.

In 2005 my Mum and I booked a last minute holiday to America for Christmas.  We went to visit our dear dear friend Kathy and her family – Hi Kathy xo.     I had the most amazing time.  I loved every minute of the snow – the jackets, the gloves, scarves, hats, freezing toes, cold nose – everything!  But I do realise I have rather a romantic notion of snow. I was on a holiday! Here are some holiday snaps.


I love snowmen.  We didn’t actually build this one.  We just borrowed it for the photo!


It was freezing the night we went to pick the Christmas Tree.  But it was snowing…… I loved it!!!!


There was always somewhere to go and warm up.  I can’t remember what I use to order from Starbucks but it was YUM!  I am so glad I got to blog about this holiday.  It was way before my blogging days.

Here’s hoping for another white Christmas…… some day.

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2 thoughts on “Twelve Christmas Favourites #8”

  1. I remember it well. I liked making snow angels with the kids. I would love to go again but I think my old bones would get just a little to cold. Maybe not, I can only hope.

  2. We had a white Christmas when we were living in England and it was magical to see the first snowflakes falling. First the air starts to fet colder and colder and begins to feel very dry. It seems to get very, very still and then just like magic the lightest, fluffiest snowflakes start to fall gently from the sky. Overnight the ground is transformed into an exquisite winter wonderland which makes your heart beat a little faster and you feel like a child again. You know you are all grown up but all you want to do is go and lie in the snow and create an angel or roll up snowballs to throw at each other. You are right B. there is something pretty special about a white Christmas. Maybe we should make the ‘Lattimore’ Xmas’ next year, a white Xmas or even a ‘White New Year’ :).

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